Tabs Look Even Better v2.01.24

After some feedback from our users, we decided to make the tabs, on the listing pages and the Add Listing Form, look more like folder tabs. It is a good digital illustration of what you would have to do if you wanted to pull a file folder of an alpaca or llama that is in your filing cabinet. You get the file then flip through the folder or folders to find the specific information that you are looking for. That’s basically what you are doing. It’s just easier to click 🙂

Here’s a summary of some updates that were made to the site:

  1. Listing Page Tabs

    Breadcrum navigational links background color and table header styles removed.

  2. Listing Page tabs modified to look like folder tabs.
  3. Detailed information such as registration, gender, DOB, etc. moved to the right of the main profile image to reduce scrolling.
  4. Add Listing Page tabs modified to look like folder tabs.
  5. Removed “Photo Album” link underneath profile photo since “Photos” tab serves the same purpose.
  6. Modified Facebook Friends feature to only show up for Registered users.
  7. Add Listing Form Tabs

    Changed “Breeding Price:” to “Breeding:” when displaying the price for breeding on a listing’s page.

  8. Removed currency and dollar sign from listings that show “Make Offer”.
  9. The price position on a listing’s page is now conditional to the width and height of the main profile image to create a more visually balanced page layout.

We are continually developing this site to provide you a fantastic tool to manage and market your alpacas and llamas online. Please contact us or comment on our site via Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you.


About Lama Market
Lama Market is an online marketplace for alpacas, llamas, miniature llamas, guanacos, and paco-vicunas.

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